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2017 Session Topic Descriptions

FirstNet and Michigan’s Public Safety Broadband Program
Hear the latest on the state’s planning efforts as FirstNet and AT&T move closer to the deployment of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network.

Michigan Cyber Civilian Corp
Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps (MiC3) - History, Overview, and Vision

Judicial Information Services Update will include discussion of topics including CMS Strategy & Roadmap, E-Filing Update, iSeries Consolidation, Courts Video Project and Judicial Network Redesign

Mi Login
One set of credentials to access State systems online.

Project Management
Vision for the Future - Project Management at the State of Michigan

Reducing Technical Risk for Maximum Impact

There is no shortage of technology investments and improvements any government can make.  Ensuring that risks are mitigated while reducing outages, managing security vulnerabilities and reducing operating costs are essential business practices.  The challenge is how to achieve this with a standard baseline for measuring risks across the technology portfolio.


The TechDebtCheck tool is an excellent example of how to integrate a measurable technical risk assessment into your overall Information Technology (IT) processes.  It provides a clear view of your technology footprint that’s easy to understand.  You can see investment opportunities for an individual application as well as an entire technology domain associated with IT infrastructure, architecture, processes and integration.

CyberSecurity -- Everything you should be doing but aren't!
So you have performed a CySAFE risk assessment, mitigated all your high risk issues and feel pretty good about yourself.  This talk will cover other issues you need to get your heads and hands around.

Next Generation 911 – Our Status in Michigan
The presentation will outline the activity, both GIS-wise and policy-wise in regard to moving Michigan’s NG 911  forward. Timelines, funding, and current progress will be covered as well as the potential impact of federal legislation on Geo-based 911 routing.