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The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of nine regular members.  The Board may also include one Partner (vendor) member.   Chapter officers, by virtue of their office, shall also be members of the Board of Directors, as will be the immediate past president. Their numbers shall be included to determine the allowable number of directors.  Holding office shall be limited to individuals representing ACTIVE (governmental) agencies.

2015/16 Board Members

2015/16 Mi-GMIS Board Members at the Fall Conference - Boyne Mountain

From left, bottom row: Mary Shindell - Vendor Board Member, Mike Ashton, David Shinavier, David Holcomb, Matt Fosdick, Ed Freed

From left, top row: William Schultz, Diane Gregor, Jeffrey Small, Robert Petty, Colleen Hinzmann, Craig Paull, Jessica Moy, Steven Sedore


Officers and Directors

Officers shall be elected once per year by the membership.  An officer shall serve for a term of one year.  One-half of the directors shall be elected each year, each director shall be elected to a 2-year term. The Board of Directors and Officers will be limited to not more than 15 individuals not including the Vendor (partner) Board Member. Only one individual from any member agency may serve as an Officer or Board member.