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2010 Mi-GMIS Award Winners Announced at Annual Conference

The Michigan Government Management Information Sciences announced the winners of their 2010 Mi-GMIS Awards during their Fall Conference held at the J.W. Marriott in Grand Rapids, MI.  The Mi-GMIS Awards were developed to recognize and foster creativity and innovation in the government sector with regards to Information Technology. The Awards were offered in three categories.  

IT Professional of the Year - Awarded to Matt Richardson of Lenawee County

  Matt Richardson being presented with the IT Professional of the year by Rob Petty, former Mi-GMIS President
   Matt Richardson has been with Lenawee County for over eleven years. In 2010, Matt completed the CGCIO (Certified Government Chief Information Officer) program.

Matt attended the national GMIS conference, and has been very active in local activities. In addition, Matt took the time to take the EMU class to become certified in computer forensics, and has been used by the Lenawee County Sheriff's Department several times to confiscate computers used in crimes.

Matt Richardson is always willing to help a fellow county with issues, including helping set up VMWare to try out virtualization.  

Technology Project of the Year
 - Awarded to Livingston County

  Diane Gregor accepting the award on behalf Livingston County, presented with the IT Professional of the year by Rob Petty, former Mi-GMIS President    Livingston County wins Best Project Award forJuror Debit Card payments automation!

Livingston County recently replaced juror reimbursement checks with debit cards. The Livingston County courts and Clerk’s Offices were looking to ease the burden associated with generating reimbursement checks. They automated the process of juror reimbursement.

They eliminated the need to re-key juror info to cut checks, and the need to escheat uncashed checks. In addition, they created a faster turn-around for reimbursement – just 3 to 4 days, including mail delivery.

The new process saves about $2 per juror reimbursement and provides a great service to the juror. Court and the accounts payable staff at the county are delighted with the reduced workload and their jurors are pleased with almost instantaneous reimbursement. 

Website of the Year - Awarded to Berrien County

The Berrien County website was recreated in 2010 with the primary focus being ease of use for their viewers. The site is "service driven", and offers many services online; for example applying for a marriage license, searching for in-custody inmates, paying for delinquent taxes, fees, fines, etc, calendar events, meeting minutes, just to name a few. 

Information provided is kept current and relevant. Breaking news and/or community interest items are posted daily. Each department in the County is represented so that our constituents can easily find the correct area to get the information they need. Our goal was to lay out the site to make that search logical and require as few "clicks" as possible. The layout is consistent throughout the site, and the text is concise, easy to understand, and easy to view. 

In addition, the website is compatible on all popular versions of the leading browsers, and is integrated with social networking links. Lastly, they worked to visually represent what a beautiful location Berrien County is, and used graphics that represent various attractions throughout the County.