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Vendor Conference Information

Table attendees are limited to the allotted amount per sponsorship.  Use the Attendee Limit listed in the table below.

Contact Diane to adjust conference attendees on your registration.  Membership fee is included in the conference registration / sponsorship fee.
All exhibitors are provided:   Standard size (skirted) table, basic electricity, internet access,  and these benefits: recognition, meals.  Please contact Boyne Mountain Convention Services (231.549.7215) for special needs regarding oversized equipment, or specific electricity and/or internet needs.

** Session content and scheduling is to be coordinated through the Conference Program Committee.


Conference Registration Hotel Reservation 

Payment is expected within 30 days of registration.

Check Payments Credit Card Payments
Pay to the order of:
P.O. Box 772
Howell, MI  48844

This payment provider will charge a service fee.

Sponsorship Level Cost Attendee



  • 1/2 hour session to discuss your specific products/services for entire conference attendance
    • Conference Program Committee approves content and scheduling
  • Listing on Website
    • Sponsorship level noted
    • Website and Social Media links
    • Business Description
  • Sign in common area denoting sponsorship level
  • Sponsorship appreciation sign at table
  • Sponsorship announced at opening session
  • Introduction at opening session
  • Participation in all conference events
  • Opportunity to reserve "Experience Room"



  •  Opportunity to speak on a Program Committee identified topic
    • Coordinated through Conference Program Committee
    • Vendor-agnostic session
    • Session is reviewed and approved by the committee
  • Listing on Website
    • Sponsorship level noted
  • Sign in common area denoting sponsorship level
  • Sponsorship appreciation sign at table
  • Introduction at opening session
  • Participation in all conference events



  •  Listing on Website
    • Sponsorship level noted
  • Sign in common area denoting sponsorship level
  • Sponsorship appreciation sign at table
  • Participation in all conference events



  •  Listing on Website
  • Participation in all conference events
Experience Room $2,000  

The room is meant to be a venue for scheduled demos or in-depth discussions with small groups of less than 5 people.

Two originally available, 1 is reserved. 

Additional Vendor Conference Info
Commercial Air Travel 
Airport  Mileage Drive
Ground Transportation Info 
727 Fly Don't Drive
Traverse City, MI  49686
 35.6 Miles  52 min. Ground Transportation Info
5500 44th St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49512
 1640 Miles 2 hrs. 40 min. Ground Transportation Info
4100 Capitol City Blvd.
Lansing, MI  48906
 187 Miles 2 hrs. 52 min.
9000 Middlebelt Rd.
Romulus, MI  48174
 252 Miles 3 hrs. 42 min.

Registration: All vendor booth reservations must be made in advance. One company per table, please.     Our venue, growing government attendance, as well as potential gathering size limits impacts allowable conference attendees.  We're requesting that you choose the sponsorship level to match the number of expected attendees.  There is no provision for additional vendor attendees, not multiple vendor attendees sharing a single attendance spot (not attendee rotation).  If you must send more attendees, consider reserving another table.

Be sure to choose a Vendor Registrant Type (sponsorship level) first; the first attendee is recorded along with the sponsorship level. Take note of the Registration type's allowed attendees.  You'll choose "Included Attendee" for the remaining attendees, paying attention to the attendee limit assigned to your chosen sponsorship level.  There is a hard limit of included attendees for your chosen sponsorship level. If you must have more attendees than allowed at your chosen sponsorship, you'll need to reserve additional tables to accommodate your remaining attendees.   


Credit Card Payments

Check Payments can be made:
P.O. Box 772
Howell, MI  48844

Payment is expected within 30 days of registration.  Registrations will be forfeited if payment is not received within said 30 days.

Speaking Opportunities:  Our Conference Program Committee works hard to create an engaging and educational conference event.  Platinum sponsors are allotted a 1/2 hour time slot to speak on a vendor specific topic (if they choose).  Gold sponsors have the opportunity to present a vendor-agnostic topic chosen from the Program Committee's pre-defined topic list.  Sessions are coordinated, approved and scheduled through the Conference Program Committee.

Setup and Tear Down
You may setup Sunday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Booth spaces are first come, first served. Be sure to arrive early to choose your ideal spot.  You may leave your display up through Wednesday morning.

Sunday Welcome Reception:
An informal reception will be held Sunday evening; you are encouraged to attend. The event provides an excellent opportunity for you to get acquainted with our membership. The reception features an assortment of finger food and beverages.

Monday President's Address and Vendor Intros:
Our President announces vendor sponsorships at our opening session. In addition, a representative from each exhibition table is encouraged to say a few words about their company.

Tuesday Night Networking Event: 
Mi-GMIS sponsors a social event on Tuesday evening.  It usually consists of dinner and a networking opportunity event.  Vendors are encouraged to attend this event.

Tuesday Night Vendor Drawings:
Some of our vendors choose to provide a drawing item. You may decide to station a "fish bowl" throughout the conference to collect potential recipient's business cards.

Meals/Events Included (Name Badge Required):  All conference meals and events are included with your sponsorship.  We strongly support vendor participation in the conference.

Puzzle Promotion:  The first vendors to register and remit payment are entitled to puzzle pieces to distribute to government attendees.  A completed puzzle makes government attendees eligible for a special drawing, the conference door prize.  We've found it to be a great way to encourage our attendees to visit our vendors.  To ensure your participation, reserve and remit payment early.

Shipping: Conference materials, booths and crates will be received by Boyne Mountain Resort no more than 72 hours prior to the conference start date.  Any materials are required to be shipped out 48 hours after conference dates with advanced arrangements made by your company and the shipping company.  Boyne Mountain has the right to refuse shipments.  See the shipping label example below.

All fees for shipping and receiving are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

if bringing in oversized equipment or needing special electrical or internet requirements, you rare responsible for contacting the Convention Services Office to discuss details and rates.  Andrea Mikolon 231.549.7215.

Shipping Label Information:

Boyne Mountain Resort
Mi-GMIS Conference
September 18-21, 2022
Person and business name claiming shipment
Attn: Convention Services
1 Boyne Mountain Rd.
Boyne Falls, MI  49713