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Why Should I Join?

Government IT professionals across the State of Michigan face similar challenges and opportunities.  It is their role to meet the information technology needs of their organization's employees and to serve as a key player in meeting organizational goals using IT resources.

Mi-GMIS provides educational and networking opportunities for government IT Professionals across the state.

Through this site

Through its website, ListServ, surveys, annual conference, roundtables, Professional Certification and Awards, and vendor channels, members can share experiences, ideas, lessons learned, and information among a group of people with similar needs and interests, fostering the efficient and value-added application of information technology throughout Michigan government.

The Result

In this way, IT professionals can keep abreast of best practices and industry trends, and how they can be applied to their organizations productively and economically.

Whether you're a member or not, participating in Mi-GMIS events and services can further your career advancement and foster more efficient and effective government across Michigan.

The greater the participation, the more value Mi-GMIS can provide to government IT professionals!

Joining GMIS / Mi-GMIS!

Government IT professionals who wish to become members enroll at GMIS International.

P.O. Box 772
Howell, MI  48844

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